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Caitlin Seamans is a mother of three — 7 year old Weston, 6 year old Ellie, and 4 year old Brennan.


Caitlin has a sign in her kitchen right above the sink that reads “Let them be little” and that couldn’t be more true to her parenting style. Caitlin embraces the chaos of childhood and youth. Her youngest – Brennan – is deaf, which creates an environment of unconditional support and love without spoken words. Caitlin says that the ultimate goal she has for her children is simple – happiness.


Because Brennan cannot hear and doesn’t speak, his emotions are very zero to one hundred. Caitlin explains that it’s because he needs to express things in a more physical form. This results in a very chaotic and lively home, where there never seems to be a dull moment.


Caitlin and her family agree — they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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